Turn Up the Heat: Warm Your Fall Nights with Patio Heaters

Turn Up the Heat: Warm Your Fall Nights with Patio Heaters

Whether your favorite part about the coming season of Autumn is the falling leaves, sweater weather, or the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, there is one thing that this season inevitably brings--colder weather. Though you may feel inclined to retreat inside when the chilly weather arrives, here at Starfire Direct we suggest you open your outdoor space to the fuzzy feelings that Fall delivers. You can do that by adding a patio heater to your space, allowing you and your guests to enjoy outdoor living all year long. Experience leisure living during the colder months with the usefulness of a patio heater, allowing warming sensations to emanate and the outdoor celebrations to continue.

Patio heaters allow you to get the most out of your outdoor living space and can even enhance the visual appeal of your backyard. Let me take you through some of our favorite patio heaters, their details, and how to pick the one that best fits to your needs.


Each type of patio heater serves a different purpose. To make sure you invest in the appropriate heater, it is important to evaluate your environment and the various needs you are looking to fulfill. Freestanding heaters are a traditional type of patio heater, that offer a wide range of heat distribution. There are two different types of freestanding heaters: portable and post mount. Post mount heaters install into the ground, offering a clean look as there is no bulky base. Alternatively, portable heaters allow you to transport them around your space wherever it is most necessary.

IR Energy Post Mount Patio Heater BlogevenGLO Post Mount Natural Gas Patio Heater by IR Energy.

Let's begin with the IR Energy evenGlo Post Mount Patio Heater. This patio heater features a 316 marine grade stainless steel construction which ensures you a durable investment that lasts a lifetime. Being CSA Certified, you can expect the most from this heater along with a safety shutoff tilt switch and a spark-to-pilot thermocouple ignition system. The evenGLO model boasts the largest reflector in the industry of patio heaters. You can achieve a wide range of heated space of up to 20-24 feet in diameter, through an infrared heating technology that emulates a sun-like warmth. This heater comes with a welded flange and four bolt holes for easy mounting into cement or a wooden deck, perfect for your outdoor dining area!

Hatchland Patio Heaters Blog ArticleItems pictured left to right: Hatchlands Square Fire Pit Table, Hatchlands Square Patio Heater, Hatchlands Tower Patio Heater. All by Ashley Furniture.

Post mount patio heaters are great options for those that utilize a lot of space for entertaining in their yard. If you prefer a more portable and standard free-standing heater, then a beautiful and high-performing heater is the Hatchlands Square Patio Heater by Ashley Furniture. This heater features a warmth-emitting flame, distributing heat in a fluid motion throughout your whole area. The outer piece of this heater is made from cool-touch powder coated steel to serve as a safety measure while your guests enjoy the toasty warmth. For larger outdoor spaces where guests are likely to mingle and meander, a free-standing heater would make a splendid option.  


AZ Patio Heaters Tabletop Heater BlogStainless Steel Tabletop Electric Infrared Patio Heater by AZ Patio Heaters.

What's more convenient than a tabletop heater keeping your guests warm while sitting and mingling with some wine? One of our favorites is the Stainless Steel Tabletop Electric Infrared Patio Heater by AZ Patio Heaters. This helpful heater radiates warmth up to 1000 square feet, with an extremely compact design for maximum portability. In addition, infrared heaters are energy-savers, therefore saving you money. Along with being efficient, these infrared heaters don't have an open flame and don't reach extremely high temperatures, making it a safer option. Tabletop heaters are more convenient for smaller groups because you don't have to transport the taller and heavier portable heaters from storage to outdoor area. Tabletop heaters are much easier to maneuver and carry while providing much needed warmth to your outdoor space. Now that football season is ramping up, these heaters are great to take to tailgates for the cooler evening games!


Sunpak S34 Patio Heater Blog S34 TSH Infrared Heater by Sunpak.

Wall and ceiling mounted heaters are a wonderful option because they hang above your entertainment area and will never become an obstacle in your yard. An excellent choice is the Sunpak S34 TSH Infrared Outdoor Heater, which is fully hardwired, offering use for multiple control and timer options such as the Sunpak Wireless Wall Timer. This model emits a low setting of 25,000 BTUs or a high setting of 34,000 BTUs of heat. The hi/lo settings are excellent for chilly nights when you're entertaining guests or even cool mornings when you're enjoying breakfast and scenery. These heaters are CSA Certified with a safety shutoff and compatible with either natural gas or propane. Wall and ceiling mount heaters are an excellent alternative to traditional heaters since their unique design offers ample space for entertainment while still providing you with ultimate warmth.  While tabletop heaters and free-standing heaters are both great options for warmth, they may not work the best for spaces with large groups. If this is the case for you, then maybe a wall or ceiling mount heater would be appropriate, to allow for maximum entertainment space in your yard.

Ultimately, you should choose the patio heater that best suits your space's needs. Outdoor heaters make a fantastic addition for keeping the good times rolling. Whether you have a large open space, a smaller more intimate gathering area, or you're looking to heat your personal or commercial area for large crowds, our patio heaters will take your space from chilly to cozy in no time. These patio heaters are perfect for any well-ventilated outdoor space, as they require a continuous flow of fresh air for safe operation. If you have any questions or need further assistance deciding which heating option is best for you--please reach out to our friendly team by filling out this simple form, utilizing the live chat feature on our website, or calling (866) 578-8538. We'd love to talk heat with you!